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For those of you who have not noticed, my posting has decreased significantly!  Ever since I have become a full-time student and start my GA position I have not been able to devote the time I would like to, to my blog, therefore I will be taking a blogging break… not sure how long, but there just are not enough hours in a day for me to keep up!  Until we meet again… take care 🙂


Running Partners

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Hey ya’ll!  Hope everyone has been doing great and is in high spirits with the weekend just around the corner!  This morning I had a great experience…. I woke up to go for a run and I took a route that I have not taken yet on foot (I have driven it).  It was only about 1/4 mile into my run that I came up on a group of 4 middle-aged ladies running.  When I came upon them, we were running over a bridge, so I decided to stay behind them since they were going a pretty decent pace.  Eventually after I crept behind them (good thing I am a friendly looking person, or me running behind them for as long as I did may have seemed creepy) for a little while, one of the ladies dropped back to me and started talking to me and asked if I would like to run with them!  So, seeing that they were all ladies and appeared to be friendly, I decided I would not be putting myself in any harm by joining these random ladies on their morning run.  Along my 3.5 mile run with them I found out that they were all half-marathon runners and were currently training for one this up coming weekend.   On our way back over the bridge I split my way and they continued on their way back to the YMCA where they met and started.  The reason I tell this story is because I never realized how nice it is to run with other people.  I have never had a running partner and I absolutely loved how having running partners made the run fly by!  Before the ladies and I split they told me that if I ever wanted to join them, they meet at the YMCA at 6 am on Mondays and Wednesdays!  I am very excited that they invited me, and think that I will try to join them…. now I just have to get my butt out of bed a little earlier than I already do in the morning!

Lunch today was a salad with brocoli, sliced almonds and cucumbers mixed in it.  On the side I had pretzels and a banana.

Mmmm Salad

 For dinner I had a small piece of pizza, chocolate pudding, and roasted brocoli and brussel sprouts.

Roasted vegetable

 Check out my SUPER CUTE bowl that I had my veggies in…


I have another one that is similar to this one, next time I use it I will take a shot of it.

While my veggies were roasting I made a batch of party pretzels to take into work tomorrow.  My special events crew is working their butt off this week for our alcohol-alternative event called RECtoberfest this Friday.  It is going to be super cool, I will try to remember to take pictures to show you all what the event looks like. 

For those of you who are not aware or familiar with the La Crosse area, this weekend is the beginning of a huge celebration, Oktoberfest!  It is always a great time…. catch up time with old friends… good drinks… lots of people watching… and of course great brats!  What German event would be complete without brats and kraut 🙂


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For those of you who follow my blog regularly, you know that my current field of study is Human Performance.  Although we only started classes two weeks ago, I have already learned a lot!  Among other things, the one activity that intrigues me the most is the research of stretching we have been learning about.

I am sure that most of you are aware of the studies that show that static stretching before working out can compromise your performance.   Furthermore, some of you may know that dynamic stretching is the preferred pre-workout warm up by many strength and conditioning coaches.  However, what you might not know about dynamic stretching is why it is the preferred method of warmup.  Here are some of the benefits of dynamic stretching:

  • Ability to promote patterns & ROM required for sport activities
  • Helps promote the temperature-related benefits of the general warmup
  • The muscle returns to normal length after stretching it
  • Increase mobility
  • Increase ROM
  • Activates muscles that may otherwise not be activated
  • Strengthens muscles in the weakest ROM

As far as post-workout, my preferred method of stretching and one that is highly recommended is called active isolated stretching.  Unlike static stretching this method requires only that you hold the stretch for about 2-4 seconds and repeat 3-7 times.  Active isolated stretching requires either the use of a partner or a jump rope.  The main difference in this style of stretching versus others is that you actively contract you muscles to get them as far in the “stretch” position as you can and then use your partner or jump rope to pull it that extra inch for 2 counts, while breathing out.   Breathing out while you make that last pull helps relax the muscles.

If you are interested in learning more about dynamic or active isolated stretching or seeing videos of some of these stretches check out this website.  The website also has tons of other great strengthening moves!

A few great active isolated stretches to check out on the site:

  • Rope Straight Leg Hamstring
  • Rope Adductor
  • Rope IT Band/Glute
  • Rope Quad/Hip Flexor



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I have not had a whole lot to report on lately.  My life is in a pretty predictable routine right now… Class, work, workout, study.  My meals have been pretty predictable as well since I go shopping once a week and I do not want to buy too much fresh food and waste it, so I end up eating the same fruits, veggies and sandwiches for my lunches and some dinners depending on my schedule.  A busy life (for me), does not involve sacrificing my healthy foods, but it does involve sacrificing variety in my diet for a lack of time to prepare real meals.

On another note, I have a Garmin question for anyone who can answer it… I have tried using my Garmin inside and it has not worked properly (no mileage or pace stats), does my Garmin 205 not have indoor capabilities?  Or am I doing something wrong? If anyone has any input, I would greatly appreciate it!

Stayed tuned tomorrow for some of the strength and conditioning pointers that I have learned in my human performance classes the past couple weeks!

BBQ Pretzels

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Bad news… I have Monday night class until 9 PM 😦

Good news…My professor is hilarious and he says we will probably get out 45-60 minutes early most weeks! WAHOO!

For breakfast I had half an English muffin (toasted) with peanut butter spread on it.  Then I took my overnight yoats (oats & blueberry yogurt) and used some of it as a spread on my English muffin!

New breakfast combo

It was a simply delightful combination!  The warmth from the muffin and the melting peanut butter was a great add on to my overnight yoats.   If you can’t tell by this picture… I was a fan!!

Arggh! Yummy!

Lunch & Dinner had to be packed the night before because I was going to leave the house at 6:30 am and not return until 9 pm.   I’m not a fan when I have to pack a ton of stuff and lug it around all day 😦


Turkey, hummus, provolone cheese & goddess dressing

Carrots w/PB




PB & J

Carrots w/PB




BBQ Pretzels

Because I loved my Party Pretzels so much, I decided to explore other flavor options with my pretzels.  So tonight I poured some honey BBQ sauce and a little water over the pretzels and baked them for an hour at 250*.  The good news is they are edible and taste okay (yes, just okay).  The bad news is the creation was a disappointment 😦  I expected a flavor burst with the BBQ sauce, however the flavor did not “burst” like that of Party Pretzels.  The end result was sticky, clumped pretzels.  I think the BBQ sauce might be too moist to work.   I might try one more creation (honey mustard) and see how that goes.  If the honey mustard pretzels turn out similar to my BBQ creation, I am going to assume that the liquid sauces are too moist.   If the honey mustard pretzels are a fail, I think I will just stick with my party pretzels.   Anyway, hope you all have a fantastic night!

Super Store Sunday

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 Sunday has become “Super Store Sunday” for me, so on my way home from EC I stopped at Festival Foods.  Here are the goods…  



-Rice & Beans Frozen Dinner  

-Mexican Beef Enchiladas Frozen Dinner  

-2 cans Chicken Noodle Soup  

-2 cans Tomato Soup  

– Hamburger Helper (Lasagna, Stroganoff)  







-Turkey (from deli)  

-Light Blueberry yogurt  

Sam's Club purchases


-6 lb. bag of pretzels  

-2-24.5 oz. bottles of coffee syrup (sugar-free vanilla & raspberry)  

I don’t normally purchase frozen dinners, but they were on a super sale and I figure they’ll be nice for some nights when I am just too lazy to make anything for dinner.  What I am super excited about from my grocery shopping is my 6 pound bag of pretzels!  What you ask am I going to do with 6 pounds of pretzels?  Well first of all I am going to make party pretzels, second of all I wanted to experiment with other flavors of pretzels!  Pretzels always make a great study/lunch/office snack, so I am sure all 6 pounds will get put to good use!  What is your favorite thing to snack on?  The grand total for my shopping trips were… Festival = $17.65 and Sam’s Club = $17!  I for sure got the bang for my buck at Festival!  

For lunch my boy and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings and watched some football and played trivia while we ate.  We ordered onion rings to share and then I ordered a Southwest Queso Wrap (he ordered boneless wings), which I knew when I ordered I was not going to eat much of it because the onion rings stuffed me!  So when it arrived I only ate the “buffalo chips” and then saved the rest for dinner tonight… I love leftovers!  



I left EC about 5 and listened to the second half of the Packer (Go Pack Go!) game on the radio during my drive.  What is your favorite football team? My favorite team is the Packers, second favorite is the Saints!  Wahoo! 

Since then I have been being a studious little girl 🙂 I’m off to finish up my studying and pack lunch for tomorrow, then… Dream Land 🙂  Good night!

Mini Pizza & Roasted Banana

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So I had yet again another crazy day, hence the fact that I am just posting at 12:15 am.  Today was full of working on Turkey Trot promotions, studying for classes (ie: reading & doing movement prep exercises) and conditioning the basketball team.  Today was testing day in the world of basketball conditioning, so I helped set up and run a number of tests including T-test, standing broad jump, vertical jump, 40 yard dash and 300 yard shuttle run.  I give the girls credit for finishing so well in the 300 yard shuttle run, I did that when I played basketball at UW-L and it was rough! 

I had some great eats today!  Check them out…


Overnight yoats: oats, blackberry yogurt, raisins and sliced almonds


Sandwich thin w/ham, hummus, lettuce and goddess dressing (tomorrow I will be having cucumbers on it instead of lettuce by the way 🙂 )

I love sandwich thins!

Small salad w/sliced almonds and pea pods, topped with Catalina dressing

Veggies- pea pods and carrots w/peanut butter, which I am obsessed with now for the record!

Dinner (the best part of my day!)

Modified Mini Pizzas! 

Here are all the ingredients you need to make Modified Mini Pizzas:

  • English muffin
  • 2 eggs
  • Pizza or spaghetti sauce
  • Cheese of choice
  • Butter
  • Hot sauce (optional)

The goods

First I buttered the back side of my English muffin, then I laid them down on the pan and cracked one egg over each half of the muffin.  Meanwhile the oven was heating up to broil. 


 I let the eggs sit in the oven for about 7 minutes (not quite completely cooked).


 I then took them out of the oven and topped them each with cheese, sauce and a few dashes of hot sauce.  All the while munching on my new fascination… green olives!  Put them back in the oven just long enough to warm the toppings you just put on, 2-3 minutes.   Pull them out and ENJOY! 

Final product

Since I had the oven on I decided to keep being crafty and sliced up some cucumbers and seasoned them with Tony’s and threw them in the oven to roast them.  Umm.. FAIL!  I had them in the oven at 300* for about 20 minutes and none of the moisture was evaporating.  Is there a way to roast them or are they just too juicy of a veggie?

Fail 😦

But I did not let my failure discourage me and I play around with a dessert.  I ended up making a roasted banana with peanut butter, chocolate pudding powder and some vanilla latte powder.  It was delish!  The only thing that could have made it better was if I had chocolate chips instead of the powder.

Mmmm Nanners!

It was fun being a little creative in the kitchen, I miss doing that but I just find myself being soooo busy all the time!  I am going to try to get creative more often, how else am I going to find all these delicious dishes!  Have a great night and weekend!