Children’s Miracle Network

Yesterday afternoon after work I went home and changed into my workout clothes and began my Fantastic Four workout!  This workout usually involves at least 10 minutes of the following exercises: running, biking, elliptical and rowing/stairs/swimming. Yesterday for my fourth exercise I chose stairs.  The stairs were brutal!  I run the stairs that are on the UW-Eau Claire campus and there are 164 steps!!!  In my 10 minutes I was able to get 3.25 trips in… I was feeling the burn

Dinner was a delicious home cooked meal of BBQ marinated pork chops, corn on the cobs (10 cents an ear at Festival!) and a fresh spinach salad with Kraft Creamy Poppyseed dressing.  I have never had the poppyseed dressing, but it was very good and even more amazing with some fresh blueberries on top.   [Sorry I forgot to snap a pic 😦 ] 

Yesterday Dairy Queen teamed up with the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) to raise money for sick and injured children in local CMN Hospitals.   For each blizzard that was purchased, Dairy Queen donated $1 to the CMN.  How AWESOME is that?!  So my boy and I jumped at the opportunity to help children out and enjoy some luscious ice cream!  I got a mini Oreo Brownie Earthquake blizzard and he got a M & M and Butterfinger blizzard…. mmm mmm good!  

Children's Miracle Network


The best thing about the trip to Dairy Queen last night (besides helping raise money for the CMN) was the discovery of the new “mini” sized blizzards!  I could not stop raving about how GREAT it was that they have FINALLY come up with a solution to the enormous amount of ice cream in the “small” cup.   I used to always walk away miserable after eating the smallest blizzard, but now with this new “mini” cup my problem is solved!  I could not find the nutritional stats on this new mini, but I’ll keep you posted.


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