Simple way to burn more calories…

I am a very lucky girl to only live a mile away from my place of work right now.  Because of this, I make sure that I get my butt up and moving so that I can walk to work.  Walking to and from work has many pros and cons… 


  • Extra exercise = burn more calories
  • Save gas money
  • Get fresh air
  • Wakes me up
  • Takes less time to walk than to drive
  • Don’t have to deal with early morning or rush hour traffic


  • Get a little sweaty
  • Have to carry stuff (work out clothes, lunch, etc.)
  • Have to get up earlier

Despite the cons of walking to and from work, I like to try and walk at least 3 out of the 5 days a week.  This week… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED 🙂 


I got up bright and early this morning- which does not always happen on Fridays – and went to my YMCA’s version of Body Pump- “Just Pump”.  I absolutely LOVE this class and it kicks my butt every time.  I try to get to this class or do weight training of some sort at least twice a week.  For my pre-workout snack I had a bun with some Billy Bee spreadable honey.  So smooth and creamy… I definitely recommend it!  

Billy Bee Honey


Stats: 1 serving = 1 Tbsp, 60 calories 



When I returned home after Just Pump I devoured my pre-made overnight oats and milk.  In the mix: 

-1/2 c oats 

-1/2 c skim milk 


-1 Tbsp Skippy peanut butter 

-dash of nutmeg 

-small scoop of Billy Bee Honey (I love that it rhymes 🙂 ) 


Overnight Oats & Milk


Off to work for the day… TGIF!


~ by myFOODevents on August 6, 2010.

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