The Weekend’s Events



Breakfast was quite simple and banana nutty 😉   

Banana Nut Cheerios, banana bread and sweet tea


Who knew that Cheerios made banana nut  O’s?  And apparently chocolate too?  Where have I been?!… In the land of oatmeal I guess 😉   

Following breakfast I head over to St. James Trinity in Fall Creek to listen to my boyfriend perform some solos in the church’s 100th “birthday” celebration!  He sang three songs and knocked ’em dead!  I am still working on the video of him singing, so I will see if I can get it up this week.   

We celebrated his wonderful performance by heading over to Augusta (10 minutes away) and going to Tep’s drive-in and getting a late lunch.  Tep’s is an old school drive-in and I love it!  I wasn’t expecting to find anything on the menu that would be even remotely healthy, however to my surprise they had a grilled vegetable sandwich!  I ordered that which came with Bush’s brown beans (Augusta is the home of Bush’s!) and french fries (which I couldn’t eat because I was so full).  The sandwich itself was delicious!  On it was American cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes topped with Italian dressing.  AMAZING!   



Later that night we had a bon fire out in the boondocks 🙂  And you know what a bon fire means, right?   

Food event and…  

Pretzels & cheese



Roasting Marshmallows



I started the morning off right with a breakfast bar and hazelnut iced coffee on the road… on the road to Durand 🙂  My grandparents are from Durand so I went down to visit them and hit up the old Panther Drive-In.  The Panther, as some call it, brings back a lot of childhood memories for me and my cousins 🙂  

Trail Mix bar





 Once I arrived in Durand I helped my grandparents prepare kabobs.  The chef hard at work!   

The Chef


Can’t beat these bad boys…   

Kabobs- peppers, beef, chicken, pineapple, mushrooms, zucchini and a homemade sweet and sour sauce


 If you’re interested in trying to make your own sweet and sour sauce here is the (approximate) recipe we used.  I say approximate because a lot of the ingredients are “to taste” ingredients.    

Sweet and sour sauce   

1/2 c Ketchup   

1/4 c Western dressing   

1/3 to 1/2 c Brown sugar   

1/4 c Pineapple juice   

2 Tbsp White vinegar   

Pepper (to taste)   

1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce (to taste)   

Sprinkle of Lawry’s seasoning   

Mix all ingredients and top your favorite dish!   


 For dessert we headed over to the Panther and got ice cream.  My pick was a bananas foster blizzard… holy deliciousness!


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