Final Countdown

Let the countdown begin!  In just 11 short days I will be moving to La Crosse (where I did my undergrad) to do my graduate school work!  (Side note: I am actually moving a bunch of my stuff down this weekend, but won’t permanently move until the following Saturday.)  And in 14 days I will begin my new job as the Recreation Special Events Graduate Assistant at UW-La Crosse!  This is a very bittersweet event for me.  Although I am excited to have a new beginning and work my Special Events G.A. position, I will be leaving the BEST boyfriend in the whole wide world 😦   

Jed & I in La Crosse


Don’t worry we are staying together and making it work, but I will miss seeing him everyday 😦  

On a happier note, yesterday at the Express game I received this sweet water bottle with energy saving tips on it! 

H2O bottle

In case you cannot read it here are the tips:

  1. Set the thermostat to 68* in winter, 78* in summer (that winter temp is a little chilly for my liking)
  2. Install a programmable thermostat
  3. Set water heater to 120*
  4. Wash clothes in cold water
  5. Change/clean furnace filters
  6. Plant a tree for shade
  7. Install low-flor showerheads
  8. Switch to compact flourescent light (CFL) bulbs
  9. Ensure your home is properly insulated
  10. Purchase energy efficient equipment/appliances

Do you do any of these already?  Or are you willing to start doing any of these? I think I did number 1 while I was doing my undergrad (not by choice though) 😉


I tackled day one of my walking to work goal… only 2 more to go!  I also took my lunch time walk, which added up to be 40 minutes.  By the end of the day I will have walked at least 80 minutes just from adding some extra steps during the day!  And that’s not counting my workout! 

For my workout I biked at the gym and followed an abbreviated version of Caitlin’s Dad’s biking speed workout.  I started with a 15 minute warm up on the bike, then got after it with 10 sprint/rest intervals and followed that with a 15 minute cool down and stretch.  Let me tell you, that will get you to go fast real quickly!  I was pooped and wanted to quit after doing 6 sprints, but I told myself to at least get through one set of 10 sprints.  I definitely recommend the workout though, whether you are training or not, it KICKS BUTT! 

Food Events: 

Mid-afternoon snack = Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies- 100 calorie pack 

Dinner = Loaded nachos at the Express game 🙂  The loaded nachos entails nacho chips, nacho cheese, chicken, salsa, and jalapeno peppers (by request)… HOLD the sour cream please! 

I won’t be able to do anymore blogging tonight, so enjoy your eveing… toodles until then!


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2 Responses to “Final Countdown”

  1. Good luck on your move!! How far will you be from the bf?

    I have lots of trees in my yard… does that count as being green? 😉

    • Thanks! I will be an hour and a half from him, it could definitely be worse… and we have had it worse-4 hours worse- the first 5 months we dated. It’s been a blissful year and half with him now 🙂

      You count as green in my book 😉

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