In the dark for 23 years!

I have just recently been made aware that I have been left in the dark for the past 23 years!!!  I went to the store this weekend and bought a box of roasted garlic & olive oil couscous… oh my goodness I cannot get over how good it was!  I was not sure what to expect at all and the texture was different from what I expected, but it was delish!  In fact I liked it SO much that I ate too much and was not able to have any side veggie or fruit (full belly syndrome).   Now I need to learn how to incorporate it into different meals… Any suggestions or recipes for couscous?

New staple food

 Should it look clumpy and thick like this?  Like I said I wasn’t sure what to expect, but sure was good.

End result

 Following dinner Jed and I headed to the Express baseball game (we won!), where we shared an order of cheese curds and fries.  Now I have heard a rumor that some people who are not from the midwest have NEVER had cheese curds… Is that true, have some people really not ever experienced the deliciousness of cheese curds?  If it is true, I encourage you to take a trip to the midwest and try an order of our very own WI cheese curds!  They are definitely not a healthy treat, but it’s just one of those things you need to try in life.


After lunch I had a Whole Wheat Peach-Apricot bar… just like a fig newton only healthier.  I found these at Weavers in Fall Creek.  Weavers is a warehouse type store that sells whole foods in bulk.  Great place to shop!


While I waited for my couscous to cook I snack on a few saltines and some smokey bacon cheese spread.


Check out Callie’s “Cancer Sucks” fundraiser for her Aunt Kathy.   She has a way cool idea to raise money through selling Bondi Bands!  I just purchased the pink/black fight bondi… quick buy yours before the fundraiser ends on Wednesday!


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