Peach Perfection

Breakfast this morning was perfection in a nut shell!  Creamy oatmeal with light vanilla yogurt, topped with fresh peach slices…. mmm mmm good!  



The yogurt creates for a cool creamy oatmeal, great for the summertime heat.   

This is a little premature but I brought leftovers of my new favorite food today… can’t wait to dive in at lunch!  Along with the couscous I have sliced cucumbers to dip in hummus, a juicy plum and a side of light vanilla yogurt.  Such a summery lunch!  



 In other news I finally finished my Drew Brees book!  After completing it I still stick with my original rating.  Head on over to your local book store or library and check it out!  

Coming Back Stronger


My new book that I have started is “The Shunning” by Beverly Lewis.  This book was given to me to read by my grandma, she is a huge book junkie just like me!  Check out Google Book’s summary of the book.  If you have read this or decide you would like to read it let me know what you think (thought) of it.  

The Shunning


On the agenda for the afternoon:  

-Lunch walk  

-Bike workout  

-Express game!


~ by myFOODevents on August 10, 2010.

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