Mystery Lunch Unveiled

And for lunch (drum roll please)….

BURRACHOS!  Burrachos is a build-your-own burritos style restaurant.  They also have other items on the menu likes salads and burritos bowls.  For my lunch I ordered a chicken burritos with veggies, spicy rice, corn salsa, cheese & lettuce on it.  I had to order a chocolate milk (how else would I tame the fire in my mouth?) on the side because I knew it would be hot with the salsa and extra hot sauce I put on it 🙂


Sorry it's sideways, I don't have the capability to turn it right now 😦


After work I am heading to the gym to lift some weights since I cannot make it to Just Pump today 😦  Here is the lifting routine that I received in a Fitness Magazine e-mail update that I plan to follow:

Warm up (on bike): 10 minutes

Superset 1: Bent-over dumbbell row, lateral-to-front dumbbell raise, dumbbell fly on ball (3 sets each, 8-12 reps; light to moderate weight)

Superset 2: Lunge with biceps curl, squat and calf raise, rear leg lift (4 sets each, 15-20 reps; light-moderate weight)

Superset 3: Long-arm ball crunches, overhead triceps extension, oblique ball crunch (3 sets each, 8-12 reps; moderate to heavy weight)


 I am going to play the second superset by ear, depending on how my leg is feeling.  Normally it is more of a hindrance during my runs.  I will update you on the workout tomorrow.

Evening Plans:

Team Trivia at Northwoods.  I have a team of friends and family that play there as well as a group from work that I recruited.  If you have never played team trivia check out how we play at Northwoods and at other restaurants around Eau Claire.  My team has a history of placing in the top 3 (which get prizes!) teams.  3rd place gets a pizza and a pitcher of beer; 2nd place gets a $25 gift certificate for Northwoods; and 1st place get a $50 gift certificate for Northwoods!  Currently we have a $25 and a $50 that we still need to use!  The majority of the team that helped win those gift certificates is not going to be there tonight though, so I don’t know if we’ll use either one.  Do you play team trivia or any other kind of trivia anywhere?

And of course the Real World tonight at 9 PM!  If you watch this show, I would love to hear what you think of tonight’s show later.

Have a wonderful afternoon!


~ by myFOODevents on August 11, 2010.

5 Responses to “Mystery Lunch Unveiled”

  1. That lunch looks amazing! I love the addition of the chocolate milk 😉

  2. I’m on a huge Mexican food kick so that lunch looks soooo good.

    That’s a great workout. I love doing supersets.

    • I love anything spicy! The workout went well, not quite the intensity of Just Pump, but a good on your own workout. Thanks for checking out my site 🙂

  3. […] I got to the Y I did my Fitness Magazine lift, that took 40 minutes.  Here are the […]

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