What time is it?!

This morning was an interesting one!  I stayed at the boy’s place last night and set my alarm for 6:45 am so I could get up, grab breakfast, pick up a lunch and be to work on time (at 7:45).  Well, as the sheep were passing over my head, Jed taps me and says, “Hey Mac it’s 7 am!”   So I jumped out of bed (why can’t I be that alert and awake for morning workouts?!), quick changed and got myself out to the car.  I did not even make it to the end of the driveway when I looked at my car’s clock and realized it was 6 am NOT 7 am!  So I stopped the car and went back inside and asked him, “Honey,what time is it?” as I showed him my phone.   He felt pretty bad that somehow his clock was an hour ahead and he woke me up early.  It was all quite hilarious! 

When it WAS actually 6:45 am I was all ready to go so I jumped into the car and headed to the grocery store to grab something for lunch and here’s what I found…

General Tso's Chicken

The stats aren’t too bad, only 175 calories  for the dish which is a pretty good amount of food.  And for dessert, Boston Cream Pie!!

Tricked ya 🙂


For breakfast I had a childhood favorite!  I never really got to have it a lot (for obvious reasons), but the couple of times I did made me fall in love with it…

Sausage, egg & cheese...



With an iced coffee on the side- low-fat milk and fat-free vanilla syrup 🙂  Are you a fan of the McGriddle?  What is your “guilty pleasure” food?

Wednesday Update

Bad news:  We came in 5th at trivia

Good news: I had a delicious Grilled Fajita Chicken Salad and tried a square of jalapeno, pineapple pizza (interesting combo) while at trivia

Great news: My boy got me a Reese’s for dessert while we watched Real World 🙂  Reese’s is my all time favorite candy.  What is your favorite candy?  Did you watch the Real World last night?  What did you think?  I think I like to watch that show because it always make me feel fantastic about my own life.  My life is already good, but it brings it up to another level of greatness!

I told you yesterday that I would update you on my weight lifting workout, so here’s the update:

  • Bent-over DB row: 12 @ 12.5 lb, 12 @ 15 lb (x2)
  • Lat-to-front DB raise: 8 @ 10 lb (x3)
  • DB Fly on ball: 12 @ 12.5 lb, 10 @ 15 lb (x2)
  • Lunge w/curl: 15 each leg @ 12.5 
  • Squat w/calf raise: Skipped
  • Rear leg lift: 15 each left (x3)
  • Long-arm ball crunch: 20 (x3)
  • Overhead triceps extension: 20 @ 20 lb, 12 @ 25 lb (x2)
  • Oblique ball crunch: 12 (x3)

I took it easy on the legs, so I would not strain my hamstring, it is feeling a little better today.  I am just going to keep stretching it out. 

Sorry for the randomness and wacky order of this post!  Hope your morning is going well!


~ by myFOODevents on August 12, 2010.

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