Bye, Bye Baby Brother :(

My baby brother is finally shipping off to college  😦   He is leaving very early tomorrow morning so I said my goodbyes tonight.   He will actually only be 30 minutes from where I am going back to school (UW-La Crosse), but we will both be so busy I’m not sure how much we will get to see each other.  Just a few pictures of my brother so you know what kind of guy I am dealing with… 

He's athletic


He's got good hair


Great taste in clothing


He's smart


And of course he's professional


It doesn’t get any better than him 🙂  Do you have any siblings that you had to send off to college?   

On to the regular program… 

After work I really wasn’t feeling the whole Just Pump thing, but I forced myself to go and I’m glad I did.  Pretty much every time I go to that class I start out the class thinking this is too easy, but by about 1/3 the way into it I am like this is kickin’ my bootay!  Every time!  Never fail!  There was also this very nice lady who brought in two grocery bags FULL of summer squash and cucumbers, so there may be some veggie pasta in the near future!  Following class I biked home, since I biked to work instead of walking today.  It’s nice to change it up a little.  Do you bike or walk to work?  How do you stay nice smelling and not get a little sweaty?  I always manage to get just a little sweaty by the time I make it there 😦 

Dinner consisted of baked potatoes, chicken, beets and garlic toast.  Not the most nutritious meal, but it was home cooked and in good company of my grandma, aunt and cousin.  For dessert we had homemade rhubarb crisp, birthday cake (for my cousin) and ice cream.  I sampled a little bit of all three…. what can I say I have a sweet tooth 😉  

Arts & Crafts time 

Remember how I told you guys earlier that my sister got my creative juices flowing and helped me make some coasters… well here are a couple pictures of the final product! 

I made 8 total and there were 2 pics on each one


Up close

That’s all folks!  Until next time… toodles 🙂 


~ by myFOODevents on August 16, 2010.

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