Givin’ It a Good ol’ Girl Scout Try

I was moving a little slower than usual this morning, so I did not get a chance to make my lunch.  I didn’t sweat it though, because I knew I could bike home over my lunch hour and make something.  Once I got home I scrounged the refrigerator and found some leftovers that my brother left behind… pasta!  This pasta was super good, but a little heavy for lunch.  It had a alfredo base and was loaded with sun dried tomatoes and asparagus.  And I could not resist having a little rhubarb crisp for dessert!  (Sorry, I forgot to take my camera over lunch so I can’t show you how good my food looked… sad!)

My workout after work consisted of a run.  My goal was to run 5 miles, so I set out on a path not really knowing how long it was going to be.  By the time I came to the end I was a little short of 5 miles, but I was also spent.  As my co-worker says, “You gave it a good ol’ girl scout try!”   For real, my co-worker said that to me today lol…. it was cute 🙂  I still don’t have my Garmin set up to automatically change the “lap” at every mile.  I thought I did, but by the looks of my stat sheet I don’t think so.   Here’s some of my info though…

-Warm up: 5 minutes (.28 miles)

-Run: 38:16 (4.21 miles)

-Cool down: 4 minutes (walk & stairs)- not counted on Garmin

-Avg pace: 9:05/mile

-Total time & distance: 47 minutes & about 4.49 miles

I am hoping that pretty soon I can get this thing figured out!  Wish me luck!  What is your favorite running workout?  Or do you prefer another form of exercise?

Tonight could possibly have been the last home Express game (hopefully not, keep your fingers crossed that they win tomorrow) 😦  As a community we had an “orange out” at the game.   It wasn’t a bad turn out.  I actually almost forgot to wear an orange shirt, and when I did remember I realized I don’t own an orange shirt.  I ended up borrowing one from a sibling…


So I did what my shirt suggested… drank a beer 🙂  I have never seen that shirt in my life, but it is hilarious!  If you cannot quite tell what the picture is, it is a bear with antlers.  Bear + Deer = Beer 🙂  If I were a hunter, I  would totally wear this shirt out every time I hunted!  Do you hunt?  I also ended up having loaded nachos (nacho chips, nacho cheese, salsa, jalapeno & beef), popcorn, 2 Carmelo pieces and a root beer.  Slightly indulgent, but that okay I need to indulge and have some balance in my life. 

To finish the night off, the boy and I watched the Colony.   It left us with such a cliff hanger that we have no choice but to watch it again next week!  Have you ever watched the Colony?

It’s about that time… bed time that is 🙂  Have a wonderful night!


~ by myFOODevents on August 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Givin’ It a Good ol’ Girl Scout Try”

  1. Right now I’m loving the Couch to 5K 🙂 But that’s because I’m trying to become a runner, which I am not naturally.

    Hubbs loves The Colony! I’ve only watched 1 episode… interesting premise though 🙂

  2. I am not a very natural runner either, I have to work HARD at it! So this half would be a HUGE accomplishment!

    The Colony definitely has a very interesting premise. Glad to hear that my boyfriend and I are not the only people in the world who watch it 😉

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