Half Marathon?

This morning’s meal was rather boring, except for the small piece of birthday cake from last night that I snuck 🙂  But no, birthday cake was not all that I ate this morning.   I also had a wheat English muffin with PB & (grape) J on it and of course my usual side of skim milk. 

PB & J

For my food event I brought the last of my half of party pretzels.  My half of party pretzels was eaten by me, my brother and parents.  I gave the other half , that I made 4 days ago, to my boy and his family… the batch made that much!


If you check out my bucket list, and go down to #3 you will see that I would like to run a half marathon sometime in my life.  Well that sometime may be coming up soon 🙂   I have recently been talking with a representative from Team in Training (thanks to Tina, otherwise I would never have known about them) and I am hoping to run the P.F. Chang’s Half Marathon in Arizona!  The one thing that is holding me back right now is my new G.A. position at UW-L.  I need to find out if I would be able to travel that weekend.   So stay tuned and I will keep you updated on my progress and decisions with TNT 🙂  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


~ by myFOODevents on August 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Half Marathon?”

  1. I hear a lot of good things about TNT 🙂 Good luck with your training!

  2. Oh exciting! I can’t wait to hear if your able to make it work and then the training for one. It all fascinates me.

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