Star of the Show

Today will conclude week two of doing the ultimate bike speed workout.  I am trying to fit this workout in at least once a week just to mix things up and because it totally kicks butt!  Luckily I’m not that sore from my runs and Just Pump, so I’m going to tackle it at lunch today 🙂

Breakfast this morning had a little twist to it.  I was going to make my peanut butter cup oats, but then I decided I was bored of them.  So I opted for oats with peanut butter and a drizzle of caramel!  It was delish!  It’s okay to top your oats like it’s ice cream right?!  I also had my usual side of skim milk. Do you drink milk with your breakfast?  What kind of milk do you drink?  I love having milk with my breakfast, I think it’s that finishing touch that keeps me tied over most of the morning.

Caramel drizzled oats

For lunch I packed a ham & cheese sandwich (ham is obviously the meat of choice right now), a nectarine and the star of the show… rhubarb crisp!

Rhubarb crisp

I also packed some dried veggie chips for an afternoon food event.

Tomorrow is my last day at work 😦  But the ladies in the office are planning a “good bye” dinner at Stella Blues!  I’ll give you the details tomorrow 🙂  Where would you choose to go out to eat if it was your last dinner in town?


~ by myFOODevents on August 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Star of the Show”

  1. I don’t really drink milk by itself too often. When I do I go for skim. Otherwise I tend to use almond milk on my cereals, in coffee, in recipes, etc.

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