Look at what came in the mail yesterday!  



 A big thanks to Katie for letting me sample some of her Sunbutter 🙂  I immediately tore one of the packets open and didn’t even bother putting in on or in something, I just wanted to taste the Sunbutter itself.   Keep in mind I have never tried a nut butter or anything of the sort, besides plain ol’ peanut butter… So when I took a slurp of this I was like “Woah!  That’s nutty!”  I liked the nutty-ness (it’s my blog, I can makeup words if I want to right? 😉 )!   It was a change in flavor, it tasted healthy and I liked the thick, grainy consistency.  All-in-all I give Sunbutter a thumbs up! 

Mmmmm, nutty!

 After I took a slurp of my Sunbutter, I hit the road for trivia last night.  We had previously won a $50 gift certificate for Northwoods, so we decided to use it last night.  Between the 7 of us we got 3 samplers- quesadillas, nachos, a sampler platter and later a piece of Snickers pie.  I didn’t have a whole lot of the sampler platter (just a fried pickle), but I did have 2 small quesadilla slices, some nachos and a couple bites of pie (holy richness)!  I also had a Bloody Mary before the apps came, because I was starving since I had nothing (besides a little Sunbutter) since my workout.   Bloody Marys are my absolute favorite alcoholic drink!  They are delicious, semi-healthy and filling!  For my last night of trivia we came in a disappointing 4th place by 5 points 😦 

Fast forward about 10 hours and it’s time for breakfast!  I opted for a little bit of a change so I headed to Starbucks and checked out their Perfect Oatmeal and a grande iced coffee with milk & 3 pumps of hazelnut syrup.  Apparently they normally put 4 pumps into a grande, and they asked if I wanted 4 and I told them I would rather have 3… 3 pumps was even sweet!  Next time I’ll tell them just 2 I think! 

Perfect Oats

Plus a dollop of Sunbutter 🙂

That’s all I have for you right now folks!  Things to watch for later… 

  • Lunch
  • My “last day of work” dinner party
  • Last game of first round Express playoffs

~ by myFOODevents on August 19, 2010.

6 Responses to “Sunbutter!”

  1. I love bloody marys (& nut butters :)) too!! I think they are perfect for filling me up a little before I eat (if I’m starving…) YUM!

  2. In sunbutter the same thing as sunflower seed butter. If it is, I love that stuff! I buy the Naturally Nutty kind!

  3. Mackenzie,
    ‘Found your fun blog while looking for SunButter recipes. As a blogger for SunButter, welcome! If you’re interested, here’s our online recipe box:
    (Although I must admit I like it simply by the spoonful, too…)
    Take care.

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