Going on a bed hunt

Shortly after I posted this morning, I had my post workout food event of wheat English muffins with dried cranberries sprinkled over the Sunbutter.  It was a very good combo for a post workout food event.  

I have come to the conclusion that shopping for a new mattress on a limited budget is not fun 😦  I ended up spending about an hour and a half shopping at various stores in EC to find myself a bed for when I move to La Crosse on Monday.   I ended up going with one at PM Sleep Center.  The only down side… they can’t deliver it until Tuesday, so I have to spend a night on the couch, it could’ve been worse though I suppose.   

By the time I was finished bed shopping I was famished so I came home and cooked up some quinoa and veggies with stir fry sauce for a late lunch.  In the mix we have quinoa, canned corn, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and stir fry sauce.  



And the finished product… 

The goods


And for dessert, 6 of these babies! 

Mini peanut butter cups


A little later I found myself thirsty and a little hungry so I had a glass of chocolate milk.  Chocolate milk is always a very filling thing for me to drink, so it covered both my thirst and hunger 🙂 

Later tonight I am going to a fish fry and then heading to the Express game!  Can’t wait for both of them, I haven’t been to a fish fry in forever!   Until next time   🙂


~ by myFOODevents on August 20, 2010.

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