Movin’ on up!

Holy bathroom runs!  That coffee I had this morning went straight through me… I think I made about 6 trips to the bathroom before 4:30!  Normally coffee does not do this to me, but today it had plans of its own.  On the bright side, it was well worth it 🙂 

For lunch I walked over to Subway and got a flat bread turkey “sub” with cucumbers, spinach, green peppers, black olives, jalapeno, tomatoes and a little chipotle sauce.  I can never get enough spicy food… ever!  On the side of my “sub” I had a bag of Parmesan and Tuscan Herb Baked! Lays and a glass of southern sweet tea.  The Parmesan and Tuscan Herb Lays were by far the best flavor of Lays I have ever had!  I definitely recommend that you try them 🙂  What is your favorite kind of spicy food or spicy add-in? 

Best Lays ever!


Flat breads are better than regular subs!


When work finally ended at 4:30 I packed up my things and headed down to Stella Blues, which is a little Cajun/creole restaurant downtown.  The inside is decorated with Mardi Gras beads and all sorts of southern signs.  We had 10 people for my “last day of work” get together, which was the perfect size for conversing.  I started my dinner off with a bloody mary (who would’ve guessed?!) and then proceeded into my gumbo meal.   The gumbo had just the right amount of spice to give my brow a little sweat… just the way good Cajun food should be!  In the gumbo was sausage, shrimp, crawfish, chicken, okra and peppers all served over a bed of rice.  It was a delightful combination, but I could only finish half of it and then I sent the other half home with one of my co-workers because I was not heading home for a couple hours because….I went to the last Express baseball game!  Our saying for the night was “we’re not saying good bye, we’re just saying see ya” to try to make it less sad–FAIL!  Overall dinner was delicious and company was great… I am really going to miss all my co-workers at the University 😦  

Tonight was a great night for baseball- not too cool, not too muggy and the bugs weren’t that bad!  Take a look for yourself… 

Gorgeous night


I was pretty full from dinner so I just had a couple swigs of Mich Golden and a few twizzlers to tame my sweet tooth 🙂  The verdict of the game:  WIN!   The Express will be playing in the championship series this weekend!  So that is where you will find me Friday and possibly Saturday and Sunday.  We’re movin’ on up! 

I am currently munching on a few mini sugar-free peanut butter cups as I write this.  Why?  I am not sure, I am not really hungry… it’s probably because I am bored waiting for my laundry to finish.   Do you ever find yourself eating out of boredom or because of other emotions or do you have pretty good self-control?  I have gotten a lot better, but occasionally the boredom eating gets the best of me.  Normally this would not be a good thing because it leaves me feeling sluggish and gross, but since it does not happen that often I don’t sweat it too much.  

Tomorrow is going to be a long and eventful day.  I’m hoping to sleep in tomorrow since I do not have to work – mandated furlough day 🙂 – then get some sort of workout in, bed shop, boat (?) and Express game.  I have been on a search for a new mattress for my room… Any suggestions on features, styles, brands?  I’ve heard good things about memory foam beds and how your partner does not feel it very much when you move…any truth to that?  The boy and I don’t always get great nights of sleep together 😦   We do not spend every night together, so we kind of attribute it to the fact that we are not used to staying together, so I thought maybe a memory foam mattress might be the answer.  I’d love to hear any input you may have. 

Well it’s time for this kid to finally hit the hay… TGIF for those of you who are working this Friday 🙂


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