Green Eggs!

TGIAF!  I love my job, I really do… but being at work 10 hours a day everyday this week and trying to get a workout in WEARS ME OUT! Today at undergrad training I got a chance to work more closely with my Special Event Supervisors (undergrad workers) as well as have fun with the entire group.  We have what we call “energizers” right away in the morning and then when we come back in the afternoon to get the group in an energetic and positive mood… today our energizers were a wheel barrow relay race and REC jeopardy!  Both energizers were incredibly fun and definitely woke us all up!  Have you ever done “energizers”?  What were they?


Right away this morning before I even dove into my breakfast I grabbed the Brita water filter and filled my cup!  I wanted to start the day off right so that I could reach my weeks goal of drinking 60+ ounces of water each day (which I did today!), since I have been incredibly dehydrated and thirsty lately.  Breakfast was a batch of Yoats including only a few ingredients (strawberry shortcake yogurt, oats & a banana). 

Overnight Yoats

Lunch I needed to grab a quick bite, so I went with a few co-workers to Subway, only to find that their credit card machine was broken, that put a little twist on lunch!  Luckily there was a burritos restaurant right across the street so I grabbed a burritos which was delish and kept me full all the way up to dinner at 7. 

For dinner I had a sandwich, but not just any sandwich, a sandwich with green olives on it!  Green olives are one of my obsessions!  I like them plain, love them in my beer, in pasta salads, on pizzas and now in my eggs!  I decided to try something different and I threw a couple of chopped up green olives into my fried egg, I figured this way I wouldn’t need to worry about adding salt & pepper to my egg.  I loved the combination!  The green olives added so much flavor and I did not need to S & P them at all.  I also had a little Goddess dressing on the side to use for dipping.  Did you try any different today?

Green (olives) EggsA more appetizing shot


On the side I had some baked sweet potato chunks with Italian and Tony’s seasoning.  Yes, all of that is just PART of a sweet potato… I still had more left over!   I love sweet potatoes prepared in any form!

Baked sweet potatoes!

Food event?  Frozen grapes!

Frozen grapes


My workouts have been short ever since  I have moved down to La Crosse.  I have been average between 30-45 minutes a day, which is less than I am used to.  I feel good at getting a solid hour in 5 days a week.   My transition time between UWEC to UWL has really made me miss Just Pump immensely!  For the past two weeks I have not had a place to do Just Pump, or any sort of strength training, but that is about to change next week!  Next week I am going to start going to body pump, plus for my Human Performance degree I am required to spend time in the weight room… You won’t have to beg me to do that  🙂 

Today I went for a 3.30 mile run in 32 minutes, which wasn’t the greatest time/speed, but I will take that over nothing at all.

Tonight I will be heading to State Room (a bar) for two reason… 1.) To watch the Packer game.  2.) To socialize with my GAs and the students in my Human Performance program.  The upper classmen in my program pitched in to get a half barrel, so I foresee a couple beer and olives in my future 🙂

Hope you all have had a splendid day!


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