Weekend at home

This weekend was a very relaxing one!  It was kind of nice to get away from the hectic go-go-go of my life in La Crosse and take a break back in EC with my boyfriend and family.  But now I am back at it and ready for the new week!  Tomorrow, though most people have the day off, I will be welcoming freshmen to the campus and educating them on club sports and this years special events… this may not sound super exciting to you, but it is going to be a very high energy event with a lot of high energy people!  This is one of the joys of my career area- recreation people are very high energy and positive!   What are your Labor Day weekend plans?

While back home I went to the boy’s football game (he is the offensive line coach at a local high school) which they lost 😦  It was a very good battle though and they had the chance to take the lead with a last second play… I guess there’s not much more you can ask for, right? 

There he is coaching them up!

Saturday I got up and went for a 3 mile run in the country, which I rarely ever do so it was a change of scenery for me.  I can’t decide whether or not I like country running or not… I LIKE the hills, the trees, the sounds of nature, the lack of street lights and city traffic.  I DON’T LIKE the never-ending, straight roads.  What do you like/dislike about country running?  Later we bummed around and watched the LSU football game at Green Mill.  We were actually at the Green Mill for 4.5 hours watching LSU and Wisconsin.  We shared two appetizers, coconut chicken and a personal sausage pizza… both great choices!  I also had one beer, but wasn’t feeling it after that so I switched to water.  It felt really good to wake up the next day and feel very hydrated!  The Green Mill is one of our favorite places because after 9 pm appetizers, beer and rail drinks are all half off!   Do you look forward to the football season or are you not a football fan at all?

Today the boy’s family and I took the boat out on Lake Wissota, it was a little cool but it was probably the last time we would be able to boat this summer so we I sucked it up.  While we were out we had a plane land right in front of us!  It was really cool to see it land and float around on the water.

Water plane

After cruising around on the water for a while we headed to The View and got their special for the day- 16″  3 topping pizza, cinnamon “chips”, garlic bread and a pitcher of beer for $20… talk about a deal!!  My favorite part was the cinnamon “chips”, they were incredibly light and warm and came with an apple pie filling dipping sauce.   I got off the water at about 5 o’clock so I could swing by my sister’s house on the way out of town and see her and the kidlets.  My nephew is now walking (as of this week), but he didn’t feel like showing off today… maybe next weekend?!  Now that he can walk I can tell he is going to be a little troublemaker with a capital T!

After arriving back in La Crosse I went grocery shopping at Festival, here is a list of what I purchased:

Snap pea pods

English Muffins

Whole wheat bread

Sandwich thins

Provolone cheese




Skim milk


The goods were a little random, but hey why buy what I won’t eat?!  I like shopping on Sundays that way I can stock up on good sale items (if I need/want them) for the week and if I run out during the week I have until the next Sunday to get more while they’re still on sale!  What day of the week do you like to shop on?


I hope you all have a fantastic Labor Day tomorrow!  Night!


~ by myFOODevents on September 5, 2010.

One Response to “Weekend at home”

  1. Nothing exciting or special here for labor day weekend either. Although college football was certainly involved. The SEC is the best!

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