My work is done for the day… I have converted two people over to overnight oats!  My sister and I were talking and she mentioned that she needs to get back in a routine of eating oatmeal, but she hasn’t been because it’s summer and hot out… well I chimed in quite quickly and suggested that she makes them cold!  She absolutely loved the idea and said she is going to try it out!  The other person I converted was my co-worked, she is an over achiever and crams WAAAAY too much stuff into her daily schedule.  Today she got up at 4:45 am (CrAzY!!)  so she could make her breakfast, pack up her work/school/lunch bag and get to work a little early to help one of the newbies.  When she saw me eating my overnight yoats this morning she asked what was for breakfast.  I proceeded to tell her overnight yoats were on the menu and she loved the idea of not having to spend extra time in the morning putting her breakfast together.  Sold!

The rest of this post is going to be pretty brief because I have been SUPER busy all day and I just recently got home (10 pm) from all my days activities! 


Hot oats with PB & J, a side of skim milk and a banana.  Lovely combination and it kept me satisfied until 11:30 today!


Sandwich thin with provolone cheese, ham, hummus, lettuce and goddess dressing… the goddess dressing makes the sandwich!  If you haven’t already tried goddess dressing, I suggest you put it on your grocery list.  I prefer to use it more for a dip or spread, rather than a salad dressing.


WINGS!  Only 1 pound this week though, aka 10 wings.  I promised myself last week that I would not go the 2 pound route every week, because that will only add unwanted issues to my waist and health. 

Food Events

Banana * Animal crackers * PB & J sandwich minus crust


Light lifting during conditioning class demos and a 30 minute run (3.4 miles).  I have not had quite as much running in my workout the last week, so I am hoping to put some more miles in from now on.

Today’s Events

Well this is not all of them but here are some of them…

2 classes

Trained & demonstrated Olympic lifts to the freshmen girls basketball players

Crossed tons of stuff of my Turkey Trot 5K to-do list

Received my first book

Purchased two other books

Wednesday Night Wings

I am currently trying to figure out some sort of regular routine with my blogging now that I am back in school.  I am so busy all the time I end up saving this until the wee hours of the night!  It is a work in progress!  Hope you all had a fantastic day!  Good night!


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