Mini Pizza & Roasted Banana

So I had yet again another crazy day, hence the fact that I am just posting at 12:15 am.  Today was full of working on Turkey Trot promotions, studying for classes (ie: reading & doing movement prep exercises) and conditioning the basketball team.  Today was testing day in the world of basketball conditioning, so I helped set up and run a number of tests including T-test, standing broad jump, vertical jump, 40 yard dash and 300 yard shuttle run.  I give the girls credit for finishing so well in the 300 yard shuttle run, I did that when I played basketball at UW-L and it was rough! 

I had some great eats today!  Check them out…


Overnight yoats: oats, blackberry yogurt, raisins and sliced almonds


Sandwich thin w/ham, hummus, lettuce and goddess dressing (tomorrow I will be having cucumbers on it instead of lettuce by the way 🙂 )

I love sandwich thins!

Small salad w/sliced almonds and pea pods, topped with Catalina dressing

Veggies- pea pods and carrots w/peanut butter, which I am obsessed with now for the record!

Dinner (the best part of my day!)

Modified Mini Pizzas! 

Here are all the ingredients you need to make Modified Mini Pizzas:

  • English muffin
  • 2 eggs
  • Pizza or spaghetti sauce
  • Cheese of choice
  • Butter
  • Hot sauce (optional)

The goods

First I buttered the back side of my English muffin, then I laid them down on the pan and cracked one egg over each half of the muffin.  Meanwhile the oven was heating up to broil. 


 I let the eggs sit in the oven for about 7 minutes (not quite completely cooked).


 I then took them out of the oven and topped them each with cheese, sauce and a few dashes of hot sauce.  All the while munching on my new fascination… green olives!  Put them back in the oven just long enough to warm the toppings you just put on, 2-3 minutes.   Pull them out and ENJOY! 

Final product

Since I had the oven on I decided to keep being crafty and sliced up some cucumbers and seasoned them with Tony’s and threw them in the oven to roast them.  Umm.. FAIL!  I had them in the oven at 300* for about 20 minutes and none of the moisture was evaporating.  Is there a way to roast them or are they just too juicy of a veggie?

Fail 😦

But I did not let my failure discourage me and I play around with a dessert.  I ended up making a roasted banana with peanut butter, chocolate pudding powder and some vanilla latte powder.  It was delish!  The only thing that could have made it better was if I had chocolate chips instead of the powder.

Mmmm Nanners!

It was fun being a little creative in the kitchen, I miss doing that but I just find myself being soooo busy all the time!  I am going to try to get creative more often, how else am I going to find all these delicious dishes!  Have a great night and weekend!


~ by myFOODevents on September 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mini Pizza & Roasted Banana”

  1. Mackenzie,
    I’ve kept following your blog after you mentioned SunButter because of your great posts. I haven’t had much luck with cucumbers either, although on a really really hot grill, cooked just a minute or two, they are pretty good. Happy cooking.

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