Super Store Sunday

 Sunday has become “Super Store Sunday” for me, so on my way home from EC I stopped at Festival Foods.  Here are the goods…  



-Rice & Beans Frozen Dinner  

-Mexican Beef Enchiladas Frozen Dinner  

-2 cans Chicken Noodle Soup  

-2 cans Tomato Soup  

– Hamburger Helper (Lasagna, Stroganoff)  







-Turkey (from deli)  

-Light Blueberry yogurt  

Sam's Club purchases


-6 lb. bag of pretzels  

-2-24.5 oz. bottles of coffee syrup (sugar-free vanilla & raspberry)  

I don’t normally purchase frozen dinners, but they were on a super sale and I figure they’ll be nice for some nights when I am just too lazy to make anything for dinner.  What I am super excited about from my grocery shopping is my 6 pound bag of pretzels!  What you ask am I going to do with 6 pounds of pretzels?  Well first of all I am going to make party pretzels, second of all I wanted to experiment with other flavors of pretzels!  Pretzels always make a great study/lunch/office snack, so I am sure all 6 pounds will get put to good use!  What is your favorite thing to snack on?  The grand total for my shopping trips were… Festival = $17.65 and Sam’s Club = $17!  I for sure got the bang for my buck at Festival!  

For lunch my boy and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings and watched some football and played trivia while we ate.  We ordered onion rings to share and then I ordered a Southwest Queso Wrap (he ordered boneless wings), which I knew when I ordered I was not going to eat much of it because the onion rings stuffed me!  So when it arrived I only ate the “buffalo chips” and then saved the rest for dinner tonight… I love leftovers!  



I left EC about 5 and listened to the second half of the Packer (Go Pack Go!) game on the radio during my drive.  What is your favorite football team? My favorite team is the Packers, second favorite is the Saints!  Wahoo! 

Since then I have been being a studious little girl 🙂 I’m off to finish up my studying and pack lunch for tomorrow, then… Dream Land 🙂  Good night!


~ by myFOODevents on September 12, 2010.

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