Running Partners

Hey ya’ll!  Hope everyone has been doing great and is in high spirits with the weekend just around the corner!  This morning I had a great experience…. I woke up to go for a run and I took a route that I have not taken yet on foot (I have driven it).  It was only about 1/4 mile into my run that I came up on a group of 4 middle-aged ladies running.  When I came upon them, we were running over a bridge, so I decided to stay behind them since they were going a pretty decent pace.  Eventually after I crept behind them (good thing I am a friendly looking person, or me running behind them for as long as I did may have seemed creepy) for a little while, one of the ladies dropped back to me and started talking to me and asked if I would like to run with them!  So, seeing that they were all ladies and appeared to be friendly, I decided I would not be putting myself in any harm by joining these random ladies on their morning run.  Along my 3.5 mile run with them I found out that they were all half-marathon runners and were currently training for one this up coming weekend.   On our way back over the bridge I split my way and they continued on their way back to the YMCA where they met and started.  The reason I tell this story is because I never realized how nice it is to run with other people.  I have never had a running partner and I absolutely loved how having running partners made the run fly by!  Before the ladies and I split they told me that if I ever wanted to join them, they meet at the YMCA at 6 am on Mondays and Wednesdays!  I am very excited that they invited me, and think that I will try to join them…. now I just have to get my butt out of bed a little earlier than I already do in the morning!

Lunch today was a salad with brocoli, sliced almonds and cucumbers mixed in it.  On the side I had pretzels and a banana.

Mmmm Salad

 For dinner I had a small piece of pizza, chocolate pudding, and roasted brocoli and brussel sprouts.

Roasted vegetable

 Check out my SUPER CUTE bowl that I had my veggies in…


I have another one that is similar to this one, next time I use it I will take a shot of it.

While my veggies were roasting I made a batch of party pretzels to take into work tomorrow.  My special events crew is working their butt off this week for our alcohol-alternative event called RECtoberfest this Friday.  It is going to be super cool, I will try to remember to take pictures to show you all what the event looks like. 

For those of you who are not aware or familiar with the La Crosse area, this weekend is the beginning of a huge celebration, Oktoberfest!  It is always a great time…. catch up time with old friends… good drinks… lots of people watching… and of course great brats!  What German event would be complete without brats and kraut 🙂


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