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My work is done for the day… I have converted two people over to overnight oats!  My sister and I were talking and she mentioned that she needs to get back in a routine of eating oatmeal, but she hasn’t been because it’s summer and hot out… well I chimed in quite quickly and suggested that she makes them cold!  She absolutely loved the idea and said she is going to try it out!  The other person I converted was my co-worked, she is an over achiever and crams WAAAAY too much stuff into her daily schedule.  Today she got up at 4:45 am (CrAzY!!)  so she could make her breakfast, pack up her work/school/lunch bag and get to work a little early to help one of the newbies.  When she saw me eating my overnight yoats this morning she asked what was for breakfast.  I proceeded to tell her overnight yoats were on the menu and she loved the idea of not having to spend extra time in the morning putting her breakfast together.  Sold!

The rest of this post is going to be pretty brief because I have been SUPER busy all day and I just recently got home (10 pm) from all my days activities! 


Hot oats with PB & J, a side of skim milk and a banana.  Lovely combination and it kept me satisfied until 11:30 today!


Sandwich thin with provolone cheese, ham, hummus, lettuce and goddess dressing… the goddess dressing makes the sandwich!  If you haven’t already tried goddess dressing, I suggest you put it on your grocery list.  I prefer to use it more for a dip or spread, rather than a salad dressing.


WINGS!  Only 1 pound this week though, aka 10 wings.  I promised myself last week that I would not go the 2 pound route every week, because that will only add unwanted issues to my waist and health. 

Food Events

Banana * Animal crackers * PB & J sandwich minus crust


Light lifting during conditioning class demos and a 30 minute run (3.4 miles).  I have not had quite as much running in my workout the last week, so I am hoping to put some more miles in from now on.

Today’s Events

Well this is not all of them but here are some of them…

2 classes

Trained & demonstrated Olympic lifts to the freshmen girls basketball players

Crossed tons of stuff of my Turkey Trot 5K to-do list

Received my first book

Purchased two other books

Wednesday Night Wings

I am currently trying to figure out some sort of regular routine with my blogging now that I am back in school.  I am so busy all the time I end up saving this until the wee hours of the night!  It is a work in progress!  Hope you all had a fantastic day!  Good night!


Back to School, Back to School to Prove to Dad I’m Not a Fool

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“Back to school. Back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight. Ohhhh, back to school. Back to school. Back to school. Well, here goes nothing.” 

Name that movie?!   Yup, you betcha… Billy Madison!  Just like Billy I was going back to school today!  I eased back into the swing of classes today with just one class… physiology of activities.  It is going to be an extremely interesting class, but it might be a struggle for me to remember back two and a half years to my classes where I learned about sarcomeres, muscle filaments, epimysium… I’m making my head hurt a little just thinking about them! 

Unlike most mornings I was VERY EXCITED to get up this morning, because I was going to a group strength class at the university!  This morning was the first time in three weeks that I have touched a weight… I’ve been deprived!!  It felt absolutely amazing, in an uncomfortable sort of way!  I am planning on doing group strength Tuesdays and Thursday at 7:30 am.  If I happen to miss one of those I shouldn’t have an excuse not to get a lift in because there are a few other class options during the week. For pre-workout fuel I had a few bites of my breakfast, which was overnight yoats.

In the mix:

  • 1/2 c oats
  • 1 vanilla Yoplait Light yogurt
  • 1 Tbsp sliced almonds
  • 1 banana, sliced

Lunch consisted of left over mac & cheese with Tony’s creole seasoning, snap peas and an orange (which I didn’t eat…yet).  For food event today I had some animal crackers (from our massive office supply) and a slice of banana bread.

The G.A.s (graduate assistants) and  I were planning on going out for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (which I was super jacked about) because it was one of the GA’s birthday, but plans fell through.  Plans did not get cancelled until 7pm, so I was starving when I heard.  This being said, I was in no mood to take a lot of time making anything so I opted for a simple PB & J English muffin and frozen Yoplait yogurt for dessert.  If you have never tried freezing your yogurt, you have to try it!  

PB & J

 On another note, do you make your PB & J with peanut butter & jelly on both sides, or peanut butter on one side and jelly on the other?  I’m a huge peanut butter fan so I like it on both!

Frozen Yoplait yogurt

 No big plans for the night, but I will be watching the Colony… let me know what you think if you watch it!  Hope you all have a great night!

These are a few of my favorite things…

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Remember how I used to try to walk the 1 mile trek to work at least 4 days a week when I lived in EC, well now my new thing is biking/walking/anything but driving to work at least 4 days a week.  I don’t know about you, but I just hate to waste gas when the distance is such a petty distance (1.3 miles), especially when the weather is still pretty decent out.  Now, when the winter months hit it will be a different story, I will probably drive everyday.  Another reason I don’t care to drive is because it almost requires you to buy a parking pass (which is over $200), unless you want to walk 5-10 minutes to work/class everyday after you park your car.  I am going to try to be one of those who will refuse to purchase a parking pass… wish me luck!  Do you have a parking pass for school/work?  If so, what convinced you to get yours?

The RecSports Hullaballoo (aka work) was a lot of fun!   Our Hullaballoo was just a puzzle piece in the big picture of the event.  Other things that were featured at the welcome festival were local businesses, student clubs and associations, cotton candy and snow cone station and yard games.  Tons of prizes were given out to those who participated in each business/club’s game.  At our tent we handed out free t-shirts to those who went around and got a punch from each of our 16 club sport tables.   It was a hit!  We ran out of our t-shirts about 1 hour before the event was even over!  Wahoo RecSports!  Here is a look at a couple of the things I got…

RecSports PLAY t-shirt

Frisbees, cups and an orange 🙂

I love free little knick knacks!


For breakfast I had a nice bowl of hot oats, cooled down with yogurt, a great choice for a fall morning!  When I went shopping last week I stocked up on a ton of different delicious flavors of yogurt– red velvet cake, boston cream pie, raspberry, key lime pie!  Each one is only a 100 calories… wahoo!

I had a super late lunch today because of the Hullaballoo, however, while I was there I did get a little bit of a food event- cotton candy 🙂  I am not a HUGE fan, but I was starving so it tasted good.   When I finally got back to the office I had a sandwich thin with hummus, lettuce, ham and half a slice of provolone cheese.  I also had some snap peas and a banana. 


What I had for lunch was the perfect amount for today, because not too long after I ate I headed to the gym to play some basketball.  I haven’t played basketball in a long time, so I was winded beyond belief!  I played in four games to eleven in a little over an hour (short breaks between each game).  I can tell that tomorrow I will be sore, but it’s okay because I got to play basketball!!!  What is your absolute favorite way to workout? Mine is for sure playing basketball!

Following basketball I was wiped so all I wanted was carbs so that I would be fully energized for tomorrow.  So I made my favorite food ever… mac and cheese!  It is so simple and not the most nutritious thing, but I LOVE IT!  I like to sprinkle a little Tony’s creole seasoning on it to add a kick 🙂

That’s about all for today folks!  I am currently watching Matilda (one of my favorite books when I was a kid) and getting ready for my first day of grad school tomorrow!!!  Wish me luck!

Weekend at home

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This weekend was a very relaxing one!  It was kind of nice to get away from the hectic go-go-go of my life in La Crosse and take a break back in EC with my boyfriend and family.  But now I am back at it and ready for the new week!  Tomorrow, though most people have the day off, I will be welcoming freshmen to the campus and educating them on club sports and this years special events… this may not sound super exciting to you, but it is going to be a very high energy event with a lot of high energy people!  This is one of the joys of my career area- recreation people are very high energy and positive!   What are your Labor Day weekend plans?

While back home I went to the boy’s football game (he is the offensive line coach at a local high school) which they lost 😦  It was a very good battle though and they had the chance to take the lead with a last second play… I guess there’s not much more you can ask for, right? 

There he is coaching them up!

Saturday I got up and went for a 3 mile run in the country, which I rarely ever do so it was a change of scenery for me.  I can’t decide whether or not I like country running or not… I LIKE the hills, the trees, the sounds of nature, the lack of street lights and city traffic.  I DON’T LIKE the never-ending, straight roads.  What do you like/dislike about country running?  Later we bummed around and watched the LSU football game at Green Mill.  We were actually at the Green Mill for 4.5 hours watching LSU and Wisconsin.  We shared two appetizers, coconut chicken and a personal sausage pizza… both great choices!  I also had one beer, but wasn’t feeling it after that so I switched to water.  It felt really good to wake up the next day and feel very hydrated!  The Green Mill is one of our favorite places because after 9 pm appetizers, beer and rail drinks are all half off!   Do you look forward to the football season or are you not a football fan at all?

Today the boy’s family and I took the boat out on Lake Wissota, it was a little cool but it was probably the last time we would be able to boat this summer so we I sucked it up.  While we were out we had a plane land right in front of us!  It was really cool to see it land and float around on the water.

Water plane

After cruising around on the water for a while we headed to The View and got their special for the day- 16″  3 topping pizza, cinnamon “chips”, garlic bread and a pitcher of beer for $20… talk about a deal!!  My favorite part was the cinnamon “chips”, they were incredibly light and warm and came with an apple pie filling dipping sauce.   I got off the water at about 5 o’clock so I could swing by my sister’s house on the way out of town and see her and the kidlets.  My nephew is now walking (as of this week), but he didn’t feel like showing off today… maybe next weekend?!  Now that he can walk I can tell he is going to be a little troublemaker with a capital T!

After arriving back in La Crosse I went grocery shopping at Festival, here is a list of what I purchased:

Snap pea pods

English Muffins

Whole wheat bread

Sandwich thins

Provolone cheese




Skim milk


The goods were a little random, but hey why buy what I won’t eat?!  I like shopping on Sundays that way I can stock up on good sale items (if I need/want them) for the week and if I run out during the week I have until the next Sunday to get more while they’re still on sale!  What day of the week do you like to shop on?


I hope you all have a fantastic Labor Day tomorrow!  Night!

Green Eggs!

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TGIAF!  I love my job, I really do… but being at work 10 hours a day everyday this week and trying to get a workout in WEARS ME OUT! Today at undergrad training I got a chance to work more closely with my Special Event Supervisors (undergrad workers) as well as have fun with the entire group.  We have what we call “energizers” right away in the morning and then when we come back in the afternoon to get the group in an energetic and positive mood… today our energizers were a wheel barrow relay race and REC jeopardy!  Both energizers were incredibly fun and definitely woke us all up!  Have you ever done “energizers”?  What were they?


Right away this morning before I even dove into my breakfast I grabbed the Brita water filter and filled my cup!  I wanted to start the day off right so that I could reach my weeks goal of drinking 60+ ounces of water each day (which I did today!), since I have been incredibly dehydrated and thirsty lately.  Breakfast was a batch of Yoats including only a few ingredients (strawberry shortcake yogurt, oats & a banana). 

Overnight Yoats

Lunch I needed to grab a quick bite, so I went with a few co-workers to Subway, only to find that their credit card machine was broken, that put a little twist on lunch!  Luckily there was a burritos restaurant right across the street so I grabbed a burritos which was delish and kept me full all the way up to dinner at 7. 

For dinner I had a sandwich, but not just any sandwich, a sandwich with green olives on it!  Green olives are one of my obsessions!  I like them plain, love them in my beer, in pasta salads, on pizzas and now in my eggs!  I decided to try something different and I threw a couple of chopped up green olives into my fried egg, I figured this way I wouldn’t need to worry about adding salt & pepper to my egg.  I loved the combination!  The green olives added so much flavor and I did not need to S & P them at all.  I also had a little Goddess dressing on the side to use for dipping.  Did you try any different today?

Green (olives) EggsA more appetizing shot


On the side I had some baked sweet potato chunks with Italian and Tony’s seasoning.  Yes, all of that is just PART of a sweet potato… I still had more left over!   I love sweet potatoes prepared in any form!

Baked sweet potatoes!

Food event?  Frozen grapes!

Frozen grapes


My workouts have been short ever since  I have moved down to La Crosse.  I have been average between 30-45 minutes a day, which is less than I am used to.  I feel good at getting a solid hour in 5 days a week.   My transition time between UWEC to UWL has really made me miss Just Pump immensely!  For the past two weeks I have not had a place to do Just Pump, or any sort of strength training, but that is about to change next week!  Next week I am going to start going to body pump, plus for my Human Performance degree I am required to spend time in the weight room… You won’t have to beg me to do that  🙂 

Today I went for a 3.30 mile run in 32 minutes, which wasn’t the greatest time/speed, but I will take that over nothing at all.

Tonight I will be heading to State Room (a bar) for two reason… 1.) To watch the Packer game.  2.) To socialize with my GAs and the students in my Human Performance program.  The upper classmen in my program pitched in to get a half barrel, so I foresee a couple beer and olives in my future 🙂

Hope you all have had a splendid day!

This Just In!

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THIS JUST IN!!  I just found out that with my new job instead of purchasing a $25 pass for each individual class that I want to take (ie: spin, group strength, yoga, etc.) I get to purchase just one and go to any class I want to!   That is seriously going to save me a LOT of money and a LOT of time figuring out which classes I should/shouldn’t take for the sake of saving money.  Awww, the perks of a GA!

THIS JUST IN!  Remember that Save the Gulf shirt that my boyfriend bought for me and to donate money to help clean up the Gulf Coast?  Well it’s in!!  I absolutely love it too! 

THIS JUST IN!  La Crosse has the best wings deal ever!  We have two bars downtown that sell a variety of flavors of wings for $1.50/pound (about 10 wings) on Wednesday nights.  This is a La Crosse tradition that I missed hard core when I moved back to Eau Claire, so since it is Wednesday day some co-workers and I headed down to get some wings!  I had way more wings than I really needed to eat… 2 pounds  😦  But I thought since it was my first week back I would do it, but from now on I am going to have to limit myself, because they are not the best food for your health or waistline.   Earlier for lunch I had an amazing veggie burger, compliments of our vegan chancellor, along with a little bit of potato salad, coleslaw, brown beans and a brownie (which I was too full to eat so I saved it for a snack later in the day).  The chancellors lunch was a success!

THIS JUST IN!  I need to drink WAY MORE water!  I have had the cotton mouth feeling almost everyday this week and I can tell when I exercise that I haven’t drank as much as I should have throughout the day.  So, I am making that my goal for the remainder or the week and into the weekend.  The past week or so I have only been drinking about 3 of my 12 oz (?) water bottles a day, it is my goal to drink at least 5 throughout the day (2 before lunch, 1 at lunch and 2 from lunch on).  Do you have a goal for this week, month or year? If so what is it and what are you doing to reach your goal?

I apologize for the lack of pictures today.  With my new job I get all bizzy, tizzy and forget to take pictures of my food events since I’m always on the go.

I’m Baaaaack!

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I hope you all had a fantastic week and a half!  The past week for me has been an absolute whirlwind!   The move went smoothly.  I was able to get everything up to my room and situated in the apartment by the end of the day on Monday.  I had no distractions (no internet, no tv, no roommate, no boyfriend 😦  ) so I whizzed through unpacking.  I am planning on posting a mini (running) tour of the city of La Crosse since it is so beautiful!  Stay tuned for that! 

I absolutely love my new job as the Special Events Graduate Assistant!  The other three graduate assistants and my supervisors are simply amazing people and so fun to be around!  The first few days of my training was extremely overwhelming, but I think I am settled in and have enough to-do lists made that I feel more confident in what I am doing.  I have three primary responsibilities at my new job… Special events, scheduling undergraduate workers and SMILE incentive program (program recognizing student workers going above and beyond).  Here is a list of the events I will be putting on in the first couple months: 

Sand Volleyball Tourney- Sept. 18 

Rectoberfest (alcohol alternative event)- Sept. 24 

Golf Scramble- Oct. 2 

Chancellor’s Fun Run (10K or 5K)- Oct. 16 

Turkey Trot 5K- Nov. 20 

If you are interested in learning more about these events check out our webpage at

Some of my favorite eats since I have been here are… 

Hot Yoats

Sandwich Thins

Vanilla Bean Chiller powder...


In my overnight oats, with raisins, yogurt and sliced almonds


Artichoke salsa



With mushroom spaghetti sauce!.... Mmmm!

 HOLY DELISH!  This is a new favorite of mine!  The tenderness of the squash, the mild flavor and the lightness of the dish has me sold! 

What was the highlight of your week?  

I am hopefully heading out to Tequilas for a margarita or two with some co-workers… I love working in the recreation field, the people are just so much fun!  Hope you all have a great night and I can’t wait to catch up on all my blog reading!