BBQ Pretzels

Bad news… I have Monday night class until 9 PM 😦

Good news…My professor is hilarious and he says we will probably get out 45-60 minutes early most weeks! WAHOO!

For breakfast I had half an English muffin (toasted) with peanut butter spread on it.  Then I took my overnight yoats (oats & blueberry yogurt) and used some of it as a spread on my English muffin!

New breakfast combo

It was a simply delightful combination!  The warmth from the muffin and the melting peanut butter was a great add on to my overnight yoats.   If you can’t tell by this picture… I was a fan!!

Arggh! Yummy!

Lunch & Dinner had to be packed the night before because I was going to leave the house at 6:30 am and not return until 9 pm.   I’m not a fan when I have to pack a ton of stuff and lug it around all day 😦


Turkey, hummus, provolone cheese & goddess dressing

Carrots w/PB




PB & J

Carrots w/PB




BBQ Pretzels

Because I loved my Party Pretzels so much, I decided to explore other flavor options with my pretzels.  So tonight I poured some honey BBQ sauce and a little water over the pretzels and baked them for an hour at 250*.  The good news is they are edible and taste okay (yes, just okay).  The bad news is the creation was a disappointment 😦  I expected a flavor burst with the BBQ sauce, however the flavor did not “burst” like that of Party Pretzels.  The end result was sticky, clumped pretzels.  I think the BBQ sauce might be too moist to work.   I might try one more creation (honey mustard) and see how that goes.  If the honey mustard pretzels turn out similar to my BBQ creation, I am going to assume that the liquid sauces are too moist.   If the honey mustard pretzels are a fail, I think I will just stick with my party pretzels.   Anyway, hope you all have a fantastic night!


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